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88 Design Group is a creative agency located within Grandstand. Since 1988, we’ve provided effective design and merchandising expertise, helping our partners build their brand and share their passion with their fans.

We provide world class design that’s both informed and unique, with a national industry perspective. And we do it within the walls of one of the world’s leading producers of custom printed merchandise. Aligning creative strategy and product knowledge with your brand's vision, we design with the product in mind to bring your brand to life.



With 30 years of experience in creative branding and custom printing, we know products, we know brands, and we know how people interact with them — as separate components, and as one.


We take an honest, hardworking, pack-a-lunch approach to design, with the simple goal of providing you with the tools you need to succeed.


We have decades of firsthand insight into best practices and enduring trends to share with you, helping you build your brand's foundation and its future.


We don’t stand on the sidelines. Our team has a passion for creative problem solving, working together to bring a wide range of skills and perspectives to every project, big or small.

88 Design Group — Creative That Works.

Tap Into Your Brand’s Potential

Whether your brand is in its infancy or you’ve hit that milestone and are ready to expand, we have the knowledge and the experience to take your creative to the next level. Let us go to work for you.